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Beautiful Long Island Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen CabinetsChanging out your kitchen cabinets is a great place to start when remodeling your Long Island kitchen. Since your kitchen is so useful for so many things, you and your family spend a lot of time in it. As a main part of your home, the kitchen cabinets play an important role in how well you function and how good or bad the area looks. Old cabinetry can steal your home’s appeal, making your home seem outdated and dysfunctional.

Whether you’re planning to have standard kitchen cabinets installed or are wanting custom kitchen cabinets, the upgrade will bring a great new look for your Long Island kitchen. You’ll be able to store more, be more organized, have easier to use kitchen tools, and last but not least -have gorgeous kitchen cabinets you’re proud of!

Kitchen Cabinets Options

Your Long Island kitchen cabinets can either undergo a face-lift with just surface and door replacement or your current cabinets can be removed and replaced. If you’re planning a new kitchen space, we can also take care of your design and construction of new kitchen cabinet installations. You can always have custom cabinets made exactly how you want them. New cabinets are going to liven up your kitchen space and give you an elegant look you’ll love to show off.

Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Whether it’s custom or standard cabinets you choose, our Long Island Remodeling team has exemplary skills in Kitchen Cabinet installations. Replacing your current cabinets can take quite a bit of time, and building out new cabinets even more. But with our professional cabinet installation team, you’ll have quick work that won’t lag behind your remodeling plan goals. Whether you want to install all the bells and whistles that custom organize your cabinets or you’re just looking for simple installations, we can give you the quality cabinet installations you seek.

Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Materials

There are favorites in kitchen cabinet materials for both standard cabinets and custom cabinets. Many of our customers fully enjoy the custom cabinet options because it’s easier to match their home design and architectural style. Yet standard cabinets can be beautiful as well even without all the extra craftsmanship that’s put into our custom cabinets.

Most commonly, customers choose wood as a predominant cabinet material. The favorite wood choices are red oak, white oak, hickory, cherry, pine, birch, and maple. With differing grain prominence and variations in color, you won’t have problems choosing your own favorites.

Other options in cabinet materials that can be equally beautiful if used in a great design plan are laminates and Thermofoil. With laminates, the cabinets can be treated under high pressure or low pressure. The high pressure laminate cabinets are heavier while the low pressure treated cabinets are lighter. Thermofoil cabinets replicate the look of wood and consists of a vinyl film applied to particleboard or plywood. These options are less expensive than real wood cabinets.
Give our design experts a call at 112 Home Improvement Inc. We can help you find or custom build the perfect cabinets for your Long Island kitchen remodeling!

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