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Beautiful Long Island Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re planning to have a Long Island Bathroom Remodeling project done for you this year, consider the professional design and build bathroom remodeling contractors at 112 Home Improvement Inc. Your Long Island home can be remodeled to suit your needs whether it’s adding on, moving walls, or changing the layout. Remodeling your Long Island Bathroom space can also be a much needed upgrade for you and your family. Whether you’re making changes to your home for more space or you’re interested in adding the extra value with remodeling, our expert team at 112 Home Improvement Inc. can provide you with the changes you’re looking for.

We’ve helped many families in our local area to improve their homes with Long Island Bathroom Remodeling for many years. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Your current bathroom may not be meeting all your needs, or you may have outdated fixtures and flooring that need to be upgraded. Whatever your goals with your bathrooms in your home, we can help you design the right plan and create the space you’re looking for.

Remodeling Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Long Island Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom VanitiesBringing the cabinets up to date with either standard or custom options will go a long way in renewing or restoring the look of your home’s bathroom. The cabinets make the boldest statement in the room when done right, yet they don’t stand out like sore thumbs but rather enhance the look of the flooring, countertops, and large bathroom fixtures.


Remodeling To Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures

Long Island Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom DesignYour bathroom has both large fixtures and small. Your bathtub, shower, commode, and sink are larger fixtures where your faucets and other plumbing fixtures are your small fixtures. With bathroom upgrades, the fixtures, walls, flooring, and more will be part of your remodeling if you choose to have the whole room changed. Or, you can opt for a partial remodeling project to upgrade just a few areas of your bathroom.

Changing out the flooring, cabinets, and large fixtures will make a huge difference in how your bathroom functions and in how great it will look. Whether you want a full, custom luxury bathroom or are wanting a small guest bath remodeling project handled, call on the professionals who are fully equipped to give you anything you desire for your new Long Island bathroom spaces!


Custom Features In your Bathroom Remodeling

Long Island Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom FlooringGetting customized cabinets, shelving, and all the luxury features you want to add in for your Long Island Bathroom Remodeling can be a challenge unless you know where to look to find what you need. As a professional, local remodeling contractor company, we have ties with the community, manufacturers, and others in the industry to fully support your customization needs. When you’re looking for bathroom remodeling contractors who can go all out on custom features, our Long Island Remodeling company is who you need to remember!


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