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Basement RemodelingYour basement may have the best potential for remodeling out of all the other areas of your Long Island home. The basement areas often get overlooked as additional living space because they can need sealing from moisture problems or additional electrical or plumbing. Finishing out your basement space could be one of the most valued remodeling projects you’ve ever considered. With four walls, a foundation, and a ceiling already in place, it can be a lot easier than you think to convert the wasted space into something useful for you and your family.

As full-service contractors, the professional basement remodeling contractors at our Long Island Remodeling company can give you the additional space you’re looking for. We can handle all aspects of your basement remodeling including permitting and inspections. We can install Egress Windows, new lighting, new plumbing, and completely seal your basement area so the space is livable and comfortable. With our professional services, you’ll not be left wanting or needing any other additional services. We manage your basement project from start to finish.

Let us help you transform your basement into a place where you and your family can get together to spend time, work out, play pool, watch movies, or entertain guests. Basement remodeling can be done to help you rent out your basement area to tenants in order to bring your family a little extra income. There’s so much you could do with your basement when you have a great remodeling contractor like us working for you!
Design and Plan Your Basement Remodeling

The best way to start any type of project is with a fully thought out design plan. Our free design consultation is where we begin all our projects so we fully meet the needs of our customers. Having a clear, solid plan in place to give you all the design elements you’re looking for will ensure your remodeling projects start and finish on the right foot. You’ll be taking a look at some of the following aspects of the project to determine your needs:

  • Layout
  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Sealing

Professional Inspection Before Basement Remodeling

Your basement area will need to be thoroughly looked over before your basement remodeling can be designed or planned out. You’ll need to know if there are any moisture problems anywhere in the basement from flooring to walls to ceiling. You’ll need to know if your foundation is properly sealed. Your flooring materials will also need to be evaluated. We’ll also need to check to ensure that any fuel-burning equipment is up to code and safe for your use. If there are any problems, you’ll have documentation and complete communication to discuss your options for remodeling your basement area.
Basement Remodeling will give you the living area you’re wanting. At 112 Home Improvement Inc., you’ll have a remodeling contractor that’s very familiar with basement remodeling in Long Island and all that’s required to accomplish your goals.

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