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Hauppauge Remodeling Contractor, Long Island Exterior Remodeling Services, deck buildersWhen you need to find a Hauppauge remodeling contractor all you need to do is call the “real deal” at 112 Home Improvement. With experience & know-how, 112 home Improvement has been delivering beautiful kitchen & bathroom remodels. If you feel that your home would benefit from our remodeling service, then feel free to give us a call.

Hauppauge Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, we got you covered. Our guys can take an ordinary bathroom and make it amazing looking once again. If this is something that you’ve been saving up for a long time, then call 112 Home Improvement today.

When you decide to go ahead with the bathroom remodel, then you’ll need to take a few things into consideration:

  • Bathroom Flooring- Bathroom flooring comes in many styles & varieties. Bathroom flooring is a relatively inexpensive route to remodel your bathroom.
  • Vanities- A vanity will make your bathroom stand out much better than it does already. You can get a single sink or a double depending on the number of people in your home.
  • Cabinetry- Cabinetry for your bathroom can eliminate all the clutter that you have hanging around. Now you’ll have a place to store your hairdryer.

Carpeting, hardwood, laminate, engineered wood, stone, vinyl and ceramic tile are the more popular types of bathroom flooring. Contact us to speak with a representative regarding your bathroom.

Hauppauge Basement Remodeling

Some basement remodeling ideas include adding a bathroom to your basement, a bar, or creating a den area. An interesting remodeling idea is to turn your basement into a separate apartment. This might be a particularly good idea for you if you have a very large family.

Only a Hauppauge remodeling contractor like the ones at 112 Home Improvements can have your basement turned into a functional room of your home. If you need a game room and don’t have the space elsewhere, then go with your basement.

As you consider different ideas for your remodeling project, think about things such as what type of flooring you would like to have and what kind of work needs to be done to your walls. After you’ve created those ideas in your head, then give us a call to bring them to fruition.

Hauppauge Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is usually harder than remodeling any other part of the house – mainly because this is the area where lots of work will be done. For functionality, the kitchen is fashioned to house a wide array of cooking items from pots to pans, making it essential to maximize space use as much as possible.

If you can’t do a renovation on your own, then you’ll need to find a cunning and well-acknowledgement contractor to plan for the kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodel, done by the right person, can make your home look awesome.

Locate the Hauppauge remodeling contractors at 112 Home Improvement as we’ll bring you the very best in kitchen countertops, flooring and so much more.

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“This company goes above & beyond with all of there work. We hired them to do our kitchen, bathrooms & floors. John makes sure that you are totally happy with what they are doing. He stays connected with his workers which are the best. All of the years that we have had work done in our homes, we never had people this committed to their work. All I can say is we highly recommend 112 Home Improvement.”

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