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Expert Long Island Storm Damage Insurance Restorations

Storm Damage112 Home Improvement Inc. is a full-service Long Island remodeling company who can give you expert repairs for all your residential or commercial Long Island Storm Damage Insurance Restorations. When storms damage your property, it’s important you have a full-service restoration company available for all of your hurricane or insurance restoration needs. Otherwise, you could be stuck having to hire out separate companies to help you get your property back to a healthy state.

At 112 Home Improvement Inc., our professional Long Island construction crews specialize in complete design and build home remodeling. This means that we have the capability to handle any reconstruction that may be necessary. When working with this type of contractor, you have full project management support and won’t need to hire out your own contractors. We ensure all who work under us for your project adhere to the strictest guidelines in top quality workmanship for safety building code requirements and use only the best quality materials from top rated manufacturers.

This saves customers the trouble of dealing with multiple companies and having to hunt for the best prices for the best replacement materials. We will also come out to meet your insurance adjuster to make sure any damage you have that should be covered is not overlooked. Our Long Island Remodeling team is with you every step of the way and have the expertise you can rely on to get the best possible results from all your insurance restorations from Long Island Storm Damages.

Storm Damage Repairs

While storm damage repairs for your Long Island property may look simple when you’re looking at some rain or flood water, it won’t be. Clean rainwater may not seem like it can create a dangerous condition for your home or commercial building, but in fact it will create a very hazardous situation for your family. Water will soak into your walls, flooring, and into every nook and cranny of the building giving mold and mildew an area to begin forming harmful spores.

With flooding, the sewage waters are mixed with the flood waters causing contamination of fecal materials that can kill you. If mold grows in your house or you’re dealing with flooding from storms, removal is the only way to get rid of it appropriately with the areas treated against contamination from dangerous bacteria. Special precautions must be taken by the water damage repair team and the affected area should be treated like infectious waste.

At 112 Home Improvement Inc, our Water Damage Repair Professional know how to treat your water damaged house or commercial property and can advise you about what can be salvaged. When it comes to water damage, sooner is better than later. Call 112 Home Improvement Inc. right away so we can restore your environment to a clean, healthy state.

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