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3 Things You Definitely Want In A Garage Conversion

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Long Island Garage Conversion

When planning out a garage conversion in Long Island, you have a lot of options and choices to make. What you incorporate into the project design will depend on what you want to do with the space. You can either completely remodel both the interior and exterior for indoor living space or you can convert the garage into a workshop or other area where you also still house the family vehicles.

With 112 Home Improvement, Inc., your options are wide open. Here are a few things you’ll definitely want to consider for your Long Island garage conversion project.

Improved Garage Floors

Whether you want to epoxy the floor or lay new flooring, you’ll find that improving it will make a huge difference in how you feel about your garage. The last thing you want is to leave it as is.

If you aren’t replacing the garage door and building a wall, you’ll want to be sure that the flooring is waterproof so you don’t want to install carpeting or even indoor/outdoor carpet. Painted or stamped concrete is a great idea, but so is installing something just as durable like porcelain tile or granite for the garage floor. Remember that the flooring should be able to stand up well to oil and other chemical spills.

If you are completely converting the garage into livable indoor space, you can have any type of flooring you like as it won’t be exposed to moisture or rainwater runoff.

High-quality sheet laminate is an excellent idea if you plan to convert the garage into a workshop, hobby room, or man cave. It’s extremely easy to maintain and is very durable.

Converting The Garage Door

When you create a new design for your garage conversion, give serious consideration to the door conversion. No matter what you build in its place, it will need to look great from both the interior and exterior. With a good remodeling contractor, the converted room will look as if it were a part of the original design, not just a garage conversion.

Most obviously, people install french or sliding doors where the garage used to be. However, it can really look obvious if you go with the standard options. And, the last thing you want is for all that glass to face the front of your home where it would be easy to break in.

One neat idea is to construct a small enclosed courtyard with either half or tall walls and then do what you like behind it. With a half wall, bay windows would be lovely and great to look through onto the courtyard area. You can match the siding of your home for a seamless look.

Keep The Garage Storage Functional For All Conversions

Your garage may already house a number of items for long-term storage, so you want to make sure you still have space to do so. However, it’s highly important to organize the things you need to store. This takes some planning, especially if you will be using the space regularly for something else. Be sure you use the space that’s higher up just as effectively as you do lower areas.

For instance, if you convert your garage to a family entertainment room, you can have a built-in bar built with storage that reaches to the ceiling along the wall and on top of the bar. Have storage cabinetry built along the entire height of the far wall of the garage so you have room to put gear. For a garage conversion into a workshop, install overhead garage storage racks for wood trim, luggage, picnic supplies, and more.

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