The Best Long Island Kitchen Design & Remodeling Services

Kitchen DesignWhen you’re looking for the best in Long Island Kitchen Design & Remodeling Services, you’ll want the experts at 112 Home Improvement Inc. where you’ll find the highest quality, affordable design and build contractors in the area. Since 2012, we’ve provided residential and commercial kitchen design and remodeling services that bring about positive changes for our customers. Remodeling the kitchen area of a home or business can be complicated and frustrating. That’s why you need a company that can manage your project correctly from the start.

The design phase is the beginning of any new construction project. If handled incorrectly, the project is at risk of failure or costly delays. With the right management team and the right business practices, you’ll have professional results throughout all your remodeling projects. Our Long Island Remodeling company can give you those type of results and more. On every level, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Long Island Kitchen Design Options

When your Long Island Kitchen Remodeling projects begin, they need to start off on the right foot with a professional kitchen design plan. For this, you’ll need to have all aspects of your kitchen design laid out and ready to convert into a working remodeling plan.

As a customer of 112 Home Improvement Inc., you’ll have a free design consultation to help you with your kitchen design options. Whether you’re wanting to upgrade, restore, add on, or just improve your kitchen area, you’ll have the right space with the right layout and all your personal design tastes met.

Kitchen Remodeling Construction Experts

Planning is wonderful, but without the proper execution, the plan can fall apart. During your Long Island Kitchen Remodeling project, you’ll have full project management support that ensures workers are on time, contract terms are met, specifications handle, safety code requirements met or exceeded, proper paperwork for permitting and inspections, architectural services, and last but not least -expert workmanship.

Custom Kitchen Design & Build Services

When your kitchen is remodeled, we can give you any customization options you need. We can custom fit your countertops, custom build your flooring or walls, add on to your space, borrow space, move around lighting or add to it, rewire your electrical, bring in or move plumbing, and anything else you may need.

There’s no better way to have a Long Island Kitchen Remodeling project done than to hire a full-service design and build remodeling contractor like ours here at 112 Home Improvement Inc. You’ll never have to worry about bringing someone else in on the project because we take care of all that for you. You’ll have expert workmen and women who are experienced and professional to give you the top level results you seek.

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